About us

We believe that the well-informed parent is a child's best advocate.

We are here to support parents who may need assistance in advocating for their child.

We offer consultation or direct assistance to parents to help ensure that communication with school personnel results an individualized educational program that meets their child's needs.

We support a collaborative approach that empowers parents to work together with school personnel.

Our approach seeks to avoid the pitfalls of poor communication and respects disagreement.  However, if disagreements arise we can assist you in pursuing solutions, by means of consultation, or direct assistance in negotiating on your behalf.  If necessary, you may seek an agreement on disputed issues through Due Process Mediation. If agreement cannot be reached, the work we have done on your behalf will have prepared you well to pursue a legal solution, and we can provide you with a list of attorneys for you to interview whose primary focus is on special education and disabilities law.